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Service 144: Timetable Changes

23rd November 1985

Worcester Citibus Network LaunchedShow All

On Saturday 23rd November 1985, Midland Red (West) Limited replaced all Worcester City Local bus services (using “W”-prefix route numbers, first introduced in 1928) with a new Worcester Citibus network of services operated with high-frequency Mercedes-Benz L608D minibuses. On the same date there are a number of significant service changes throughout the operating area.

21st February 1987

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28th August 1993

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20th June 1999

Bull Ring Bus Station closedShow All

On Sunday 20th June 1999, the Bull Ring Shopping Centre, Market and Bus Station are Closed for demolition. First Midland Red Buses Limited publish a small booklet titled “All Change in Birmingham” detailing all the changes made to their bus services in Birmingham.

2nd April 2000

Navigation Street closedShow All

On Sunday 2nd April 2000, Navigation Street in Birmingham was closed due to the demolition of the main Post Office. A number of services are re-routed.

3rd September 2000

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1st April 2001

Mid and South Worcestershire Network changesShow All

22nd April 2001

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A number of minor changes are made by First Midland Red Buses Limited across the network.

7th January 2002

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18th April 2004

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On Sunday 18th April 2004, First Midland Red Buses Limited introduced a large number of changes to their bus services in Worcestershire. These are a result of both efficiencies introduced by the company and by changes to Worcestershire County Council subsidy strategy.

6th September 2004

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Changes made to a number of services in the Worcester area, starting from Monday 6th September 2004.

12th June 2005

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4th September 2005

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On Sunday 4th September 2005, First Midland Red Buses Limited introduced a number of significant changes across all of their operating area. Many of these are the result of changes to contracts issued by Worcestershire County Council and include the launch of “Worcester Express” network to expand and replace the Worcester North Park+Ride Services, and the withdrawal of Malvern area “FlexiLINK” and “EasyLINK” services.

1st September 2009

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5th September 2010

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3rd June 2013

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6th September 2015

Hereford depot closedShow All

At the end of operation on Saturday 5th September 2015, Hereford depot was closed with all services operated from that site being withdrawn. From the follow day, a number of services operated from Worcester depot were also changed.

10th April 2016

Network changesShow All

From Sunday 10th April 2016, First Midland Red Buses Limited introduced a number of service cuts.

4th September 2016

Network changesShow All

Revisions are made to certain services in the Worcester area from Sunday 4th September 2016.

15th October 2017

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On Sunday 15th October 2017, First Midland Red Buses Limited revise most of their services, with minor changes in the Worcester City Area and on Service 144 and Service 144A, and a new network of services for Pershore and Evesham areas, and for Malvern area.

9th June 2018

“Salt Road” launchShow All

On Saturday 9th June 2018, First Midland Red Buses Limited rebranded their Worcester, Bromsgrove, and Birmingham services to “Satl Road”, using vehicles in overall green livery.