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After some 24-years, 2-months and 19-days, I am no longer working at Worcester depot. My first day with Midland Red West Limited, as it was known back then, was on Monday 17th October 1994, when I entered the driving school at Worcester. On Wednesday 26th October 1994, I passed my bus driving test in a yellow crash-box Leyland Leopard and the next day I had my first taste of driving a Mercedes-Benz L608D minibus when I took fleet number 1353 to Banbury to collect my uniform. The following Monday I was on the road at Worcester with my first trip being a Service 21 to Green Lane.

Fast forward to Saturday 5th January 2019, and my last trip was the 14:05 Service 363 journey to Tewkesbury, operated with Volvo B7RLE fleet number 66691. There has been many buses and routes in between. The photograph above, by Matt Hyatt, shows me in Tewkesbury just before the return journey to Worcester. AdamH.

Today in History: 2 photographs taken on 17th July