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Midland Red Express (Midland Red Coaches)
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Mercedes-Benz L307D

570 (R/No: A670XUK)


A670XUK was a Mercedes-Benz L307D mini coach with C12F seating by Devon Conversions. It was acquired new by Midland Red (Express) Limited in March 1984 and entered service in overall white livery with the fleet number 570. After a few days it was repainted to overall red livery with a black roof and carried “Midland Red Mini Cruiser” branding on the sides in gold lettering.

Midland Red (Express) Limited renamed to Midland Red Coaches Limited in May 1985, and at privatisation on 23rd December 1986 came under the control of Midland Red West Limited in a management buy-out. A670XUK passed to Midland Red West Limited at this time with the fleet number 1300.

MAN SG192 & SG192R (Articulated Buses)

2001–2005 (R/Nos: DAK301–304V & CLM346T)

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Note: For details about these vehicles after they were passed to Midland Red (North) Limited, plus Specifications and photographs, see the Midland Red North - MAN SG192 Section.