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Service 244: Service History

Service 244 (2009–2010)

Operated by First Midland Red Buses Limited

Service 244 was introduced by First Midland Red Buses Limited on Tuesday 1st September 2009 as a short-working variation of Service 144. The service ran every 20-minutes during the daytime between Worcester and Droitwich Spa only, and was interworked with Service 144 to give a 10-minute frequency on that section of the route.

The route was the same as Service 144 except that it ran via Ombersley Road and Checketts Lane to partly replace Service 32 which had seen a reduction in service frequency.

Service 244 was withdrawn on Sunday 5th September 2010 and partly replaced by additional journeys on Service 144, which ran ran every 15-minutes between Worcester, Droitwich Spa, Bromsgrove and Catshill from this time. Every second journey of Service 144 continued to Birmingham to give a 30-minute frequency on that section of the route.

Route Summary

  • Sep 2009–Sep 2010
  • Worcester
  • Northwick
  • Fernhill Heath
  • Droitwich Spa


Timetable Archive

September2009Worcester ↔ Droitwich SpaWithdrawn Sep 2010