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VehicleDennis Dart SLF
B37F Plaxton Pointer
Number42892 (VX54 MUU)
OperatorFirst Midland Red Buses Limited, Worcester depot
New (11/04) to First Midland Red Buses Ltd., Worcester. Passed (10/13) to First Potteries Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent. Withdrawn (c. 18/4/17). Passed (20/4/17) to First Midland Red Buses Ltd., Worcester. Withdrawn (16/1/19). Reinstated (c. 26/4/19)
LocationWells Road turning point.
DescriptionSeen shortly after working a Service 675 from Ledbury to Great Malvern.
Parked alongside fleet number 42894, which is about to operate the return journey.
DateThursday 26th April 2018
SourcePhotograph by Webmaster © Adam Harber
DD12 on Saturday 28th April 2018
That's a very unexpected photo - thanks Adam ! Is that on the A449 at Malvern Wells ? - - I was not aware of anywhere along there that accommodate more than one bus ! - - I cannot recall any similar photos from MIDLAND RED days ! (?)

AdamH on Sunday 29th April 2018
I think it is called Wells Common, it is on the A449 a few hundred yards past the junction for Wyche Cutting, outside the Council Yard. I don't know if it was used for turning buses in BMMO days as the 144 would continue past for a couple of miles and turn in Malvern Wells. I do know that after Malvern depot closed in October 1976, and the 144 was cut back to run only between Birmingahm and Worcester, new Service 412 from Worcester would terminate outside Great Malvern Post Office then run up to here to turn round, before either returning to Worcester as a Service 412 or changing to a local Malvern service. The 412 only lasted for about 3 years before Malvern got another new bus network for the SevernLink MAP scheme. The West Malvern buses have been turning here for many years, although there have been gaps when other route options have been tried. For short periods the routes have been extended to either Great Malvern Rail Station or British Camp, and for a while with Midland Red (West) Limited every second bus ran direct to or from Wyche Cutting in a loop with West Malvern, so it didn't need to turn at all.

DD12 on Sunday 29th April 2018
Thanks Adam.

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675FMRSeptember1999Great Malvern • Colwall Green • Ledbury
September2000Great Malvern • Colwall Green • Ledbury
September2017Great Malvern • Colwall Green • Wellington Heath • Ledbury
January2018Great Malvern • Colwall Green • Wellington Heath • Ledbury
March2018Great Malvern • Colwall Green • Wellington Heath • LedburyBest Match

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