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VehicleDaimler Fleetline CRG6LX — Midland Red type code: DD11
H44/33F Alexander A-type
Number5288 (5288 HA)
OperatorBirmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited (Midland “Red”), Sheepcote St. depot
New (5/63) to Birmingham & Midland Motor OC Ltd. (Midland “Red”), Birmingham. Passed (3/12/73) to West Midlands PTE (“WMPTE”), Birmingham. Withdrawn (3/78)
Datec. 1967
SourceMark Priest collection
DD12 on Thursday 22nd June 2017
This is almost certainly a repaint, even if it looks brand new ! - There are a few clues -- The small white paper notice underneath the driver's signalling window with instructions to NOT put vehicle through a mechanical bus wash; - The front wheel-nut ring guard has some of the original silver centre, painted red; - and the "medium-size" fleet number did not appear until early / mid-1967 - (This example might have been an earlier "trial" of course). I don't remember seeing any repaints with such glossy "tyre-wall black", as applied here, but I did used to think that the two-year-old buses that had received their first repaint looked BETTER than new !

AdamH on Saturday 24th June 2017
Another clue that it's a later photograph is the style of the "Midland Red" lettering used on the advert.

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