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Midland Red East (Arriva Midlands) Leyland Tiger - Overview

Midland Red East (Arriva Midlands)
Leyland Tiger — Overview

Leyland Tiger coaches operated by Midland Red East Limited. (later called Midland Fox)…

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Vehicles Acquired New

1 (R/No: BRY1Y, re-registered: URH657)


In June 1983, Midland Red (East) Limited acquired a new Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R with Plaxton Paramount 3200 bodywork.

2 (R/No: 179EJU)


Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RH - Plaxton Paramount 3500 

This vehicle later passed to Malvernian Coaches, Malvern, but has since been withdrawn.

3–4 (R/Nos: B103–B104LJU, re-registered: FIL3451–3452)

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Vehicles Acquired Second-hand

5–6 (R/Nos: A511–A512HVT, re-registered: EIL3017–3018)

In April 1987, in preparation for privatisation, Midland Red (North) Limited made major reductions in their operations. Midland Fox Limited acquired two Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R coaches, A511–A512HVT, from the surplus Midland Red North fleet, which entered service with the fleet numbers 5 and 6.

To disguise the age of the vehicles, Midland Fox reregistered both vehicles with Irish registration number plates, EIL3017 and EIL3018.

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