WW1 Gas Powered Buses

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WW1 Gas Powered Buses

Post by SEVERNLINK » 15:04 Monday 28th June 2021

Saw this interesting photograph on a local Faceache group of a couple of buses converted to run on gas during WW1 :o .I see the fleet history lists AO-7096 as being converted but not 7081.I'm guessing the photo was taken in Kidderminster
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Re: WW1 Gas Powered Buses

Post by JustinTyme » 22:48 Monday 28th June 2021

BMMO ran a number of buses on gas during World War 1 - as did other operators - due to petrol shortages that forced many services to be withdrawn.

The same happened in World War 2. In fact the Government told bus operators to convert a proportion of their fleets to run on gas, although the intended numbers were not reached.

I understand wartime gas buses were universally unpopular and gutless.

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Re: WW1 Gas Powered Buses

Post by AdamH » 07:47 Tuesday 29th June 2021

BMMO inherited local Malvern services during WW1 but soon had to suspend some of them as the gas converted buses didn't have enough power to get up the hills.

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Re: WW1 Gas Powered Buses

Post by bmmoboy » 20:29 Tuesday 29th June 2021

A bit like a Streetlite!!!!!

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