FMR Fleet List

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FMR Fleet List

Post by DD12 » 22:50 Thursday 8th November 2018

About two months ago, Adam, the link on the home page, - to your excellent FMR Fleet List, disappeared, and I assumed you had decided to discontinue maintaining it, but now I've found I can access it via the MRW section, and it's bang up to date -- THANKS !

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Re: FMR Fleet List

Post by AdamH » 06:06 Friday 9th November 2018

While my plans to leave First have been put on hold for the time being, it is still an option I am seriously looking at. When this happens I will not be able to maintain the fleet list or timetables so the focus of the website will just be on the historic side of things, hence the removal of the links. However, while I’m still there I’ll keep updating the databases as and when I can... This information will be historic by next year!! 🤣

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