Service X55 (1987)

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Service X55 (1987)

Post by AdamH » 21:05 Tuesday 9th October 2018

Those of you who keep an eye on the "Latest Photographs" section will have seen a photo I posted the other day of Leopard C16 fleet number 451 working a Service X55 to Liverpool (Link here if you missed it).

To add a bit more history to this interesting but short-lived service, I've attached a scan of a period timetable...

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Re: Service X55 (1987)

Post by DD12 » 22:05 Tuesday 9th October 2018

Looking at the route shown, and without referring to my atlas, it looks to me to be a shame it was not successful -- -- was it (partly) a revival of a defunct coach service, and / or a defunct rail service, I wonder (?)

Also, it seems a pity that such a small percentage of personal and family, long-distance, inter-town journeys are now done on routes like this, by coach --

Surely as car ownership has increased from the 1950s, taxation on cars and car fuel, should have constantly increased, and used to maintain (and improve)the existing level of bus and coach services, everywhere, -- while the population has doubled !!

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