Lancaster Bomber

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Lancaster Bomber

Post by AdamH » 20:09 Saturday 13th July 2019

On another post I mentioned I was at the Chateau Impney today and I saw a Trident go by. Well, that was rather dull in comparison to this wonderful thing, flying rather low. Not my best photo ever, but after a couple of quick clicks I purposefully put down the camera so I could just watch and enjoy it.

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Re: Lancaster Bomber

Post by MattW » 20:24 Saturday 13th July 2019

Wasn't it a fantastic sight?

Plenty more where that came from at Fairford next week too!

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Re: Lancaster Bomber

Post by Rich82 » 21:30 Saturday 13th July 2019

These 3 were taken at North Weald Airfield in Essex a couple of weekends ago

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