D1015 'Western Champion'

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D1015 'Western Champion'

Post by TimBrown » 09:03 Saturday 18th September 2021

Newly restored D1015 'Western Champion' is seen passing through Worcester Shrub Hill in a light engine movement from Severn Valley Railway to Avonmouth for a loaded freight train test from Avonmouth to Gloucester in preparation for next week's Pathfinder Champion Torbay Express From Eastleigh to Kingswear via Gloucester. In the event D1015 had a number of issues which need attention and will be replaced by Class 50s 50007 and 50049 on 25 September 2021. Incidentally, it caught me unawares yesterday by quietly creeping through Shrub Hill platform 2 fifteen minutes earlier than advertised, so these pictures taken from a sitting position on a very dark platform 1 at 06-55 am!
17 Sep 2021 Shrub Hill 003.JPG
17 Sep 2021 Shrub Hill 004.JPG
17 Sep 2021 Shrub Hill 005.JPG
Also a photograph of 172102 recently transferred from Chiltern Railways to West Midlands Railways;
17 Sep 2021 Shrub Hill 007.JPG

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Re: D1015 'Western Champion'

Post by DD12 » 22:56 Monday 20th September 2021

Thanks Tim.

I don't normally look on this section, but I was slightly tempted by the number " xx015", and because I liked the styling of the Western class, when I had a brief phase of train spotting with my school chums in the Sixties.

The styling of the windscreens is somewhat similar to that of the DD12s, and I like the coincidence of BOTH restorations appearing in Worcester over recent weeks !

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