Diamond buy Midland Classic

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Diamond buy Midland Classic

Post by bmmoboy » 20:47 Wednesday 3rd August 2022

It is reported by Route One Magazine that Rotala (Diamond) have bought Midland Classic, Burton on Trent and Swadlincote.

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Re: Diamond buy Midland Classic

Post by TimBrown » 05:47 Thursday 4th August 2022

This article in Express and Star gives some of the reasons for the acquisition and the financial implications;

https://www.expressandstar.com/news/bus ... -operator/

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Re: Diamond buy Midland Classic

Post by ANDREW » 09:51 Friday 28th October 2022

Former Midland Classic d/d - BV55UCU was seen yesterday morning both in Bromsgrove and heading west on the A448 towards Kidderminster. Any more info anyone ??

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Re: Diamond buy Midland Classic

Post by DD12 » 18:14 Saturday 29th October 2022

https://www.flickr.com/photos/ksu461/51 ... Z-2gx4y7X/

According to a person on Flickr, it's not owned by Diamond / Rotala, which is a shame.

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