Johnsons in the news

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Johnsons in the news

Post by AdamH » 11:16 Thursday 27th September 2018

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Re: Johnsons in the news

Post by ANDREW » 11:47 Thursday 27th September 2018

Ooops, not sure what the best "move" is in this situation ?? Sit tight with hazard lights on and request police assistance ?? Backing down the slip road onto a traffic island would not be an option in my mind. :? On a lighter note , a few years ago on leaving the NEC, we encountered signs saying no access to M42 South - follow diversion signs. We duly did and to this day I have no idea where we went but after around twenty minutes touring the Coventry area , we came across another closed off island and on seeing the "traffic management boys" , I found a safe pull in and went and enquired on how to get onto the M42 southbound - the guys asked where we had come from and when I said The NEC ,they looked both amazed and stunned . . . . . . I stated that "well we have followed the diversion signs" . They did then admit that we were not the first to ask that question and said they would drive across to the NEC and check all the diversion signs. :oops:

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Re: Johnsons in the news

Post by chason » 08:05 Sunday 30th September 2018

I don't know about this particular location but we have recently holidayed in Norfolk and I can vouch for the fact that roadworks along several miles of the A14 in the Cambridge area are horrendous.

On our way there the A14 was closed for the weekend in one place and, although the advance warning signs were fine, those on the diversion were hopelessly inadequate. Some of it was through towns and villages which were quite unsuitable for the volume and size of the traffic using of it. Given the scale of the roadworks, my advice would be to give the whole area a wide berth for at least the next couple of years.

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