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Re: The X18

Post by DD12 » 11:44 Sunday 6th November 2016

I just had the "classic Sunday morning 1950s experience" of driving my car along the tree lined road from Worcester to Pershore, in gorgeous autumn sunshine and colours -
then parking in the traditional market-town square, and seeing a double-decker bus in service.
( the Stagecoach 18).
I wanted to see if their DD could turn easily at the end of the square - but it couldn't !
There were lots of people and cars about, and the bus driver had to reverse a bit (tentatively) to get his Enviro 400 round.
( .... and that's not forgetting Alan.M's photo of a First FTR artic in "the square" !!)
Today the 18 picked-up a passenger ! (1)

I would take a bet that one of our StreetDecks could do that turn in one go !
- How about First using one on a direct version of the X50 ?
- perhaps as a promotional Saturday version ?

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Re: The X18

Post by MattW » 21:10 Sunday 6th November 2016

I bet the streetdecks could, i remeber the first time i turned at Morrisons in malvern and almost came back across the painted roundabout rather than around it :)

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Re: The X18

Post by JustinTyme » 21:57 Tuesday 12th September 2017

Stagecoach are making changes to several Leamington area services from Saturday 16 September 2017.

The X17 and X18 are swapping routes between Stratford and Longbridge (near Warwick), so the X18 will now run direct via the A46 and A439 instead of via Wellesbourne. The X18 is now definitely the fast route between Coventry, Leamington, Stratford and Evesham.

The X17 will now be Coventry - Stratford via Kenilworth, Leamington, Warwick and Wellesbourne, typically taking some 2hrs 11 mins. Some X17s continue to be interworked with the X19, Stratford - Redditch, and the through journey from Coventry to Redditch will now take over 3 hours.

The Sunday 18 (which will continue to run via Wellesbourne) will be reduced from hourly to 5 journeys, but the two journeys to Pershore remain.

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