Harts Hill*

Dudley Road, Harts Hill.

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*Note: There is some confusion as to the correct spelling of the depot name. Many publications use the two-word version, “Harts Hill,” while others use one joined word, “Hartshill.” It seems the confusion comes from Midland Red engineers getting into the habit of calling the depot “Hartshill,” while the driving staff stuck with “Harts Hill.” This tradition continued under the control of West Midlands PTE, until the depot closed in 1993. To add to the confusion the Ordnance Survey calls the area “Hart’s Hill” on their latest maps, with the use of an apostrophe, and original depot name was “Brierley Hill,” after the larger area to the south west! As the drivers’ two-word version seems to be the most commonly used, I have used this throughout the website.