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VehicleLeyland National NL116L11/1R — Midland Red type code: N10
B49F Leyland National Mk.II
Number825 (EON 825V)
OperatorMidland Red Omnibus Company Limited, Tamworth depot
New (9/80) to Midland Red OC Ltd., Birmingham. Passed (6/9/81) to Midland Red (North) Ltd., Cannock. Withdrawn (9/88). Passed (10/88) to North Western Road Car Co., Bootle. Withdrawn (2/91). Passed (5/91) to Loughborough Coach & Bus Co. Ltd., Loughborough. Passed (1/94) to Midland Fox Ltd., Leicester. Passed (6/94) to Colchester Borough Transport. Passed (10/97) to Southend Transport. Passed (10/04) to Wigley (dealer), Carlton
Datec. 1981

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BMMOMay1968Birmingham • Sutton Coldfield • Tamworth

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