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VehicleTransBus Enviro300 12.6m
B47F TransBus Enviro300 Integral
Number67600 (SN53 KKY)
OperatorFirst Midland Red Buses Limited, Worcester depot
Hire or loan (11/03— ) to First Manchester. Passed (10/04) to First Midland Red Buses Ltd., Worcester. Withdrawn (3/13). Passed (12/3/14) to First Somerset & Avon Ltd. (“First West of England”), Bristol. Operator renamed (1/6/17) to First West of England Ltd
LocationUpper Welland Turn, Malvern Wells.
DescriptionSkillfully negotiating a narrow, steeply chambered junction while operating a Service 363 from Great Malvern to Worcester.
At the time of the photograph, this vehicle had only been in service with First Midland Red for a few days and the destination display had not been programmed, hence is left blank. After a number of changes, Service 363 no longer runs via Malvern Wells but Service 365 now makes this turn.
DateSaturday 27th November 2004
SourcePhotograph © Ben Morroll
Adam Harber (MidlandRed.net webmaster) is shown at the wheel… Hence the recognition of skill, above!
AdamH on Sunday 27th November 2016
I can't help thinking I look very young in this photograph when compared with the image that scares me in the mirror every morning.

MattW on Monday 28th November 2016
I agree :) LOL

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363MRWSummer1985Worcester • Old Hills • Welland
June1986Worcester • Old Hills
April1987Worcester • Old Hills • Welland
October1989Worcester • Old Hills • Welland • Malvern Wells
January1990Worcester • Old Hills • Welland • Malvern Wells
August1992Worcester • Old Hills • Welland • Great Malvern
August1993Worcester • Old Hills • Welland • Great Malvern
October1994Worcester • Old Hills • Welland • Great Malvern
September1995Worcester • Old Hills • Welland • Great Malvern
FMRSeptember1999Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn • Great Malvern
February2000Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn • Great Malvern
September2004Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn • Great MalvernBest Match
November2013Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn
September2015Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn • Tewkesbury
April2016Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn • Tewkesbury
October2017Worcester • Old Hills • Upton-On-Severn • Tewkesbury

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