Midland Red (West)
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Service 417: Timetable Changes

6th January 1990

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Timetable changes from Saturday 6th January 1990.

9th September 1991

Angel Place Bus Station closedShow All

At the end of operations on Sunday 8th September 1991, Angel Place Bus Station in Worcester is closed and all services are re-routed to the new Crowngate Bus Station.

6th September 2004

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Changes made to a number of services in the Worcester area, starting from Monday 6th September 2004.

31st August 2008

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3rd September 2017

New Herefordshire contracts (“Village Links”)Show All

From Sunday 3rd September 2017, First Midland Red Buses Limited started operating new services in the Bromyard and Ledbury areas as part of a new 7-year contract won under tendering from Herefordshire Council. First Midland Red market these new services with the brand name “Village Links” and all the routes are advertised in a new 14-page timetable.

1st January 2018

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14th May 2018

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9th June 2018

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