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Service M17: Service History


Service M17

Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited (BMMO—Midland “Red” Motor Services) first started operating omnibus services between Great Malvern and Wyche Cutting on Saturday 15th July 1922. This route operated as Service 48, which was the route number used for all local Malvern services at the time, and continued past Wyche Cutting along Jubilee Drive to British Camp. The route only operated to British Camp during the summer, and during the winter it terminated at Wyche Cutting.

Local Malvern services were given individual route numbers in 1925, and the Wyche Cutting route became Service 271. On Saturday 11th February 1928, the routes were again renumbered and the Wyche Cutting route now became Service 367. The summer season extension to British Camp became Service 371.

By the mid-1930s, the BMMO network was expanding rapidly and the company were starting to run out of available service numbers. To free up numbers for new services, local area networks were renumbered with a prefix letter to represent the area when the network operated, so thus on Monday 7th January 1935 all local Malvern area services were renumbered in the range M10–M30 (with service number M13 being omitted for some reason. Unlucky?).

Service M17 (1935–1968)

Operated by Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited

With the renumbering of local Malvern area services on Monday 7th January 1935, Service 367 running between Great Malvern (Belle Vue Terrace) and Wyche Cutting became Service M17.

At the same time, Service 377 was renumbered to Service M27. This was the primary local service running over the same route between Great Malvern and Wyche Cutting, and then continuing to Colwall Green, with Service M17 being a short-working variation.

By the mid-1950s, almost all Winter Season journeys to Wyche Cutting operated as the longer Service M27 to Colwall Green, or Service 477 to Ledbury and Hereford, with only one morning Service M17 return journey operating on Mondays to Saturdays. During the Summer Season, additional journeys between Great Malvern and Wyche Cutting were provided by Service M21, which continued to British Camp.

The sole Service M17 journey was withdrawn as part of a general network revision that came into effect on Saturday 6th January 1968.

Route Summary

  • Jan 1935–Jan 1968
  • Great Malvern
  • Wyche Cutting


Timetable Archive

New January1935Great Malvern ↔ Wyche Cutting
June1957Great Malvern ↔ Wyche Cutting