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Service 35C: Service History

Service 35C (1991–1992)

Operated by Midland Red West Limited

On Saturday 9th February 1991 the Sunday only Service 35A was renumbered to Service 35C with no other change to the timetable.

Service 35C operated a circular route from Worcester (Angel Place) to Warndon via Brickfields. Buses would then turn round by using the Chedworth Drive loop and return to Worcester City Centre via Windermere Drive and Tolladine Road. Journeys in the opposite direction ran as Service 36C.

On Monday 9th September 1991, a the City Centre terminus for a number of Worcester Citibus services, including Service 35C and Service 36C, moved to the new Crowngate Bus Station. Journey times were not changed.

Service 35C and Service 36C were withdrawn on Friday 28th August 1992 when the Hereford & Worcester County Council contract to operate certain Sunday services was lost by Midland Red West Limited and won by Boomerang Bus Company.


Timetable Archive

February1991Worcester → Brickfields → Warndon → Worcester
September1991Worcester → Brickfields → Warndon → Worcester

Service 35C (2002— )

Operated by First Midland Red Buses Limited

New Service 35C was introduced by First Midland Red Buses Limited on Monday 4th November 2002 as a partial replacement for withdrawn Service 36B.


Timetable Archive

New November2002Worcester → Bilford Court → Warndon Green → Worcester
December2003Worcester → Bilford Court → Warndon Green → Worcester