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Service M12 operated by Midland “Red” Motor Services (BMMO & MROC) General Information
By the mid-1930s, the BMMO network was expanding rapidly and the company were starting to run out of available service numbers. To free up numbers for new services, local area networks were renumbered with a prefix letter to represent the area when the network operated, so thus on Monday 7th January 1935 all local Malvern area services were renumbered in the ran
Service M12 operated by Birmingham & Midland Motor OC Ltd. (1935–1976)
With the renumbering of local Malvern area services on Monday 7th January 1935, Service 372 running between Great Malvern, Belmont and Malvern Link became Service M22 for the full route and Service M12 for the short-working route between Great Malvern and Belmont only. After the Second World War, very few journeys ran as Service M12 with most journeys running o