Special Event at Wythall 27 August 2012 Pt.II

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Special Event at Wythall 27 August 2012 Pt.II

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Some more of the local preserved vehicles and long distance visitors to the Spcial Event on 27 August 2012;

969 EHW is a Bristol Lodekka LD6G chassis with ECW H33/25RD bodywork new 07/1959 to Bath Tramways as (L8515).
August 27 2012 Wythall 038.jpg
GUF 727 is a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 chassis with ECW B32R bodywork new 04/1947 to Southdown Motor Services as (1227).
August 27 2012 Wythall 039.jpg
BMS 222 is a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 chassis with Alexander C41C bodywork new 05/1952 to Alexander Bluebird as (PC1) and operated in 2012 by Stagecoach Scotland Preserved Fleet as (59922).
August 27 2012 Wythall 040.jpg
August 27 2012 Wythall 045.jpg
VMP 8G is an Albion Viking VK43AL chassis with Alexander C20F bodywork new 10/1968 to Road Transport Industry Training Board, Livingston as (16). It is painted in a representative livery, but never actually ran as Highland Omnibus (AV48).
August 27 2012 Wythall 041.jpg
RCM 493 is a Leyland Leopard L1 chassis with Massey B44D bodywork new 05/1964 to Birkenhead Municipal Transport as (93).
August 27 2012 Wythall 042.jpg
LDV 483 is a Bedford OB chassis with Duple C29F bodywork new 03/1950 to Gourd, Kingsteignton, Devon.
August 27 2012 Wythall 043.jpg
LJW 336 is a Guy Arab LUF chassis with SARO (Saunders-Roe) B44F bodywork new 09/1953 to Guy Motors, Wolverhampton as a development bus and demonstrator. It subsequently ran for many years with Blue Line, Armthorpe, near Doncaster.
August 27 2012 Wythall 044.jpg
FWL 371E is an AEC Renown chassis with Northern Counties H38/27F bodywork new 08/1967 to City of Oxford Motor Services as (371).
August 27 2012 Wythall 046.jpg
VV 8934 is a Daimler CWD6 chassis with Duple H30/26R 'unfrozen austerity' bodywork new 06/1945 to Northampton Corporation Transport as (129).
August 27 2012 Wythall 048.jpg
August 27 2012 Wythall 051.jpg
CBM 13X is a Leyland Tiger TRCT11/3R chassis with Plaxton C46FT bodywork new 05/1982 to Premier, Watford.
August 27 2012 Wythall 053.jpg
UHA 981H is a BMMO S23 chassis with Plaxton finished BMMO B51F bodywork new 03/1970 to Midland Red Bearwood garage as (5981). After a few weeks it was transferred to Stourbridge garage where it operated until withdrawal 08/1980. From 12/1973 it was acquired with the garage by WMPTE and is seen in their predominantly cream and dark blue livery.
August 27 2012 Wythall 054.jpg
ESV 811 is an AEC Regal III chassis with Weymann/CCFL B20D bodywork new 05/48 to Lisbon Electric Tramways as (17) with Portuguese registration 11-14-49.
August 27 2012 Wythall 059.jpg
GHA 337 is a Midland Red SOS/BMMO SON chassis with Brush B38F bodywork new in 1940 as Midland Red (2418). It was on display as a static exhibit undergoing restoration.
August 27 2012 Wythall 062.jpg
L401 VCV is a Dennis Dart 9.8SDL chassis with Plaxton B40F bodywork new 04/1994 to Western National as (401).
August 27 2012 Wythall 063.jpg
RTC 654L is a Leyland National 1151/1R chassis with Leyland National B52F bodywork new 09/1972 to Widnes Corporation Transport as (1).
August 27 2012 Wythall 064.jpg
JOJ 548 is a Guy Arab IV chassis with Metro-Cammell H30/24R bodywork new 10/1950 to Birmingham City Transport as (2548).
August 27 2012 Wythall 066.jpg
DOC 26V is a Leyland National NL116L11/1R chassis with Leyland National B50F
bodywork new 03/1980 to West Midlands PTE as (7026). It entered service with a Leyland O680 engine and was subsequently fitted with a DAF unit.
August 27 2012 Wythall 068.jpg
D278 FAS is a Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RH chassis with Alexander C53F bodywork new 06/1987 to Highland Scottish Omnibuses, Inverness as (Z278).
August 27 2012 Wythall 069.jpg

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