Didcot Parkway steam & diesel in 2012

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Didcot Parkway steam & diesel in 2012

Post by TimBrown » 11:21 Tuesday 12th May 2020

Not strictly local, but interesting because the Didcot power station cooling towers were still in use until 2013. Then an horrific fatal demolition accident occurred in February 2016 when the boiler area claimed the lives of four workers.
The first batch of photographs were taken on 19 March 2012;
March 19 2012 Didcot 003.jpg
March 19 2012 Didcot 005.jpg
March 19 2012 Didcot 006.jpg
March 19 2012 Didcot 007.jpg
March 19 2012 Didcot 009.jpg
March 19 2012 Didcot 010.jpg
Then on 17 August 2012 preserved Southern Merchant Navy class pacific 35028 'Clan Line' worked through to Oxford. At risk of upsetting GWR fans I think the members of the owning group made an exceptional job of cleaning and polishing this locomotive; every visible part was to a much higher standard than ever achieved in steam operation days before it was withdrawn - judge for yourself!
August 17 2012 Didcot 004.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 005.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 006.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 007.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 009.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 010.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 011.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 012.JPG
August 17 2012 Didcot 018.JPG
Then a little later in the day it is pictured on Oxford depot with the crew hard at work servicing their charge;
August 17 2012 Didcot 023.JPG
Finally on 21 December 2012 a class 66 working a charter and some of the regular workings at that time
December 21 2012 Didcot 025.jpg
December 21 2012 Didcot 027.jpg
December 21 2012 Didcot 034.jpg
December 21 2012 Didcot 043.jpg

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Re: Didcot Parkway steam & diesel in 2012

Post by MattW » 10:48 Thursday 14th May 2020

Great pics Tim. Now restrictions have been eased slightly I'll certainly be getting out and doing some more photography.

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