First Group to be split and sold off.

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Re: First Group to be split and sold off.

Post by AdamH » 16:28 Wednesday 10th July 2019

TimBrown wrote:
11:06 Wednesday 10th July 2019
As to the future of Padmore Street, it has been subject to rumours of closure for more years than seems possible now (I was a young man when they first came to light and am a white haired 74 year old geezer now!), perhaps these can still be taken with a pinch of salt - hopefully. That said, with a change of use and some serious ground decontamination work it would be an ideal site for extensive canal side residential apartments and a few more business properties along Pheasant Street. All in the melting pot indeed!
It was this post from almost a year ago that got me thinking that First may simply close the doors on Padmore Street and walk away... Link.

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Re: First Group to be split and sold off.

Post by Brendan » 00:01 Thursday 11th July 2019

The redevelopment of the Padmore Street area was proposed as Phase 2 to the original planning application for the Shrub Hill retail park. The old Do-It-All and Beehive were demolished and the road realigned over the canal to remove the awkward bridge and corner round the car park/burial ground. The demolition of the bus depot for housing/further retail units was cancelled. I believe there should be another retail unit where the bus wash is too.

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