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Post by DD12 » 23:05 Thursday 8th November 2018

I see in the current fleet list, Adam, that you have this listed as "withdrawn", rather than "in store".

I believe this is the accident damaged one, and that it went to (Plaxtons ?)
for repair ?

Do you know if that repair is proceeding, or is it to be scrapped ?


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Re: 44514

Post by AdamH » 05:44 Friday 9th November 2018

It is still on the books and was listed as being at Worcester on the planned fleet list sent to me by the MD earlier in the week. At the time of the accident it was so badly damaged it was clear it wouldn’t be back on the road for some time so I chose to mark it as withdrawn to reflect this.

It is currently being rebuilt and the company have not yet been given a date for its return.

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