Worcester's DD usage.

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Re: Worcester's DD usage.

Post by AdamH » 10:55 Saturday 10th November 2018

I believe the passenger numbers on the S45 have dropped this season and it is already being operated by a single-deck each. I don't think a coach will be used.

I also get the impression there will not be a spare double-deck and all maintenance will be done at weekends / holidays and between school services during the week.

Comments in this post are "canteen gossip" so may not be totally correct.

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Re: Worcester's DD usage.

Post by DD12 » 11:16 Saturday 10th November 2018

Thanks Adam, - I forgot to acknowledge that its also possible sometimes to borrow one or two DDs from Leicester when needed.

I also admire changes, when I can see they improve efficiency.

"Sad for me" is that we will have lost all three ex-London Tridents, with none being replaced by DDs.

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