DD12 Revival

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by Mechwr26 » 21:48 Saturday 2nd November 2019

The Daimler now has new throttle master and slave cylinders along with it's new hose, entrance doors that work ( not properly yet, but working), working low air pressure gauges, new low air switches which give yet to wire up to the warning lamps but I'm on it.
I've done a few other bits and Bob's but we've been super busy sorting out the daily fleet so I've had very little time on it.
DD12, sorry I completely forgot to sort any pics for the Volvo engine rebuild but it went back to Stoke running beautifully after having new cylinder heads, pistons, liners, oil pump, injectors, cam followers and rocker arms. All pretty standard for these engines.
We've got another Stoke decker here now for the same job so I'll get pics of this one.

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by DD12 » 18:22 Saturday 9th November 2019

I had it in the back of my mind that 6015 was one of the many short to medium-term DD12 allocations at Worcester, and that it might NOW have spent longer at WR than it did in the 1960s and 70s.

I've now checked in the Fleet History section of the main website, and indeed this is the case !

I see it spent a maximum of 14 months here in the 60's + 70s, but has now spent 2 years here in current times !

It was extremely unlikely that it would ever receive a mechanical restoration, and even less likely that it would ever be at WR again !!

I am extremely grateful to all involved !

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