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Website Crash 30/11/2021

Posted: 17:30 Tuesday 30th November 2021
by AdamH
Sometime overnight on 29th/30th November the website went down and several of the databases were corrupted. The most noticeable effect was the loss of all information attached to photographs in the archive.

I have just restored these from an automatic backup taken in the early hours of 29th. This backup also includes all forum posts, so by restoring from this backup all for posts made on 29th and 30th November 2021 have been lost.

I'm very sorry this has happened, but the forum is quiet these days and I thought loosing two days of posts was a small price to pay to save the date, time, location, etc. information for the 4,359 photographs that are on this site.


Re: Website Crash 30/11/2021

Posted: 19:58 Wednesday 1st December 2021
by MattW
Well done mate. I still don't understand how these things work, but I know you'll have done your best! 8-)