Wythall D7 XHA 482 Restoration Appeal

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Wythall D7 XHA 482 Restoration Appeal

Post by TimBrown » 11:41 Saturday 5th March 2022

Midland Red D7 Reg. No. XHA 482 Restoration Appeal.

It will be fantastic to see the D7 back on the road, these buses ran more or less everywhere the bridge heights allowed throughout the Midland Red territory in the 1950s and 1960s, spartan inside but reliable sloggers and workhorses. When travelling around on an 'Anywhere Ticket' it wasn't long before the familiar roar of those BMMO 8 litre engines announced the arrival of the next bus. The D7 will also make a good pairing on the road with the Transport Museum's LD8 4031!

Link below to the Transport Museum D7 donation site;
October 14 2012 Wythall Bus Musuem 027.jpg
October 14 2012 Wythall Bus Musuem 004.jpg

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