Transport Museum Wythall tribute to our late Queen.

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Transport Museum Wythall tribute to our late Queen.

Post by TimBrown » 12:15 Saturday 10th September 2022

Following the passing of our remarkable monarch HRH Queen Elizabeth II after 70 years on the throne, the Transport Museum Wythall have printed this tribute to Her Majesty for today and the period of National Mourning.

We join everyone in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world in mourning the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II and remembering her 70 years of dedicated service as our monarch.

Accordingly, this weekend Transport Museum Wythall will be open but children’s entertainment is curtailed and our buses will run with black blinds as a sign of respect.

I am old enough to remember Her Coronation in 1953 when we all had to dress up in fancy costumes at primary school for the celebrations, and later watching some of the service repeated in the evening on the neighbour's brand new 9 inch (yes 9 inch) black and white TV. It was only a few days after when we saw photographs and models of the Royal carriage and procession that we realised there was a riot of gold and bright colours. Everyone at the impressionable age of 7 or 8 was amazed by the crown jewels.

I was never privileged to meet The Queen but seem to remember seeing her regal wave as she was driven through Worcester (New Road perhaps), but unable to recall the occasion. As a member of the School Combined Cadet Force we marched past the Queen Mother and saluted her on St Oswalds Playing Ground Worcester in 1960 or 1961.

With the Queen reigning for over 70 years, It does seem odd to me now having a King as Head of State, but I wish King Charles III well. Life will never be quite the same again though.

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