Transport Museum, Wythall and COVID19

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Transport Museum, Wythall and COVID19

Post by TimBrown » 07:26 Saturday 21st March 2020

In common with other establishments where large amounts of the public congregate together, the Transport Museum at Wythall will remain closed on Government advice for some time to come. I shall really miss the event days, travelling on and photographing all those lovely old buses and thank everyone involved at the Museum for great times and memorable journeys - look forward to better news in the near future!

Link to Museum website;

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Re: Transport Museum, Wythall and COVID19

Post by 943KHA » 09:36 Saturday 21st March 2020

We will miss your (and many others) company on Open Days. It is thanks to all our visitors that the place really comes alive. The 'hatches are now battened down' and there remains a small band of volunteers on site most days carrying on the restoration and other good works. Sadly since most of our volunteers are over 70 many of them have wisely chosen to self isolate. We will come through all of this, for the Museum it will mean the loss of a large slice of our income this year, but we'll be back!

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Re: Transport Museum, Wythall and COVID19

Post by DD12 » 10:58 Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Luck and Good Health to everyone at the museum !

Now is a good time to remind all our forum members and visitors about "amazon smile".

With the onset of the pandemic, I have started to make some purchases via that I would normally go to shops / stores to buy (examples -- dettol soap; sugar soap wipes for DIY) -- it's dead easy to sign-up, and to save the link to favourites.

I've just made a purchase with a "unit price" of £8.04, and I was surprised when amazon smile notified me it had resulted in a donation to the museum of 0.81p

( Perhaps I will be able to persuade family members to sign-up ? !! )


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Re: Transport Museum, Wythall and COVID19

Post by DD12 » 13:11 Monday 23rd March 2020

P.S. - the correct charity name to enter appears to be Transport Museum Wythall.

Also, the percentage of the unit price donated is probably a lot less than I implied above

(Sorry !) -- I was confused because the message from them showed a picture of the item I had just bought, but upon re-reading it, the 81p donated may well have been a cumulative total from several recent purchases.


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Re: Transport Museum, Wythall and COVID19

Post by chason » 14:18 Monday 23rd March 2020

I don't think Amazon are overly generous (ask their staff!).

Although it's tempting, I avoid using them now. When they have driven what's left of the competition out of business, up will go their prices so in the end, we're no better off.

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