Wythall Bristol Event

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Re: Wythall Bristol Event

Post by AdamH » 08:04 Monday 22nd April 2019

Yes, called into Bromsgrove bus station for a short break. I got talking to a “Salt Road” driver who was quite surprised to learn I was no longer working at Worcester depot! 😲

I then drive as far as Bath Road in Worcester, via Bewdley, where myself and Mr DD12 got off and left Matt and a Ross Driver to continue to Gloucester and Stroud. It was a very long day and I had not planned to drive any of the return journey, but it was such a nice bus I had to have another go!
At rest in Bromsgrove

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Re: Wythall Bristol Event

Post by MattW » 12:32 Monday 22nd April 2019

Looks a cracking vehicle. Hope it was a successful event!

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Re: Wythall Bristol Event

Post by DD12 » 15:52 Monday 22nd April 2019

Thanks very much to Stagecoach for providing this bus trip, and to Adam and Matt !

I love riding the top deck for the better views of the environment, and the more scenic and green the better, especially in springtime.
I also love to view lush, leafy suburbia - plus the blossom, and there was lots of all that yesterday -- -- even Kidderminster didn't look too bad !

After a gap of about 26 years when there were no DDs in public service in + out of Worcester, I have now been able (gradually) to ride them on almost every main road, and on many other interesting routes, - on public services, and on specials, THANKS to First.

Yesterday reproduced my childhood DD rides from WR to Stourport, via Ombersley, and fulfilled my desire to continue via Bewdley.

The route from Kiddy to junction 4 of the M5, then Rubery, was pleasantly scenic,
and at one point we were following an Austin Mini Countryman, which helped reinforce the 1960s childhood Sunday day-trip feeling that I was getting !

The route taken from Rubery to Wythall was a pleasantly leafy surprise - via Groveley Lane and West Heath.

Due to logistical arrangements, the route back to Worcester was different, and included Bromsgrove to Kidderminster via the A448, which is one of those routes that is much better viewed from the top deck !

Throughout the day, the route(s) had a lot of complexities, with plenty of turns along minor roads in order to pick-up and set-down us passengers, and to avoid low bridges -- -- Matt and Adam did very well with all of this, and managed to avoid "millions" of overhanging branches.

I had pleasant chats with many of the people on the bus and at the museum, and finally got to ride on an important bus from my childhood in the shape of Chris.S's Crosville Bristol RE, UFM53E -- -- I'm very grateful to him for preserving this "high-point of 1960s design and construction".

Another highlight for me was I managed to buy a January 1967 "pink-card" Midland Red fleet list that I wanted, and have now learned that the one I most want is the summer or autumn 1966 edition (Not the March one) -- -- "Top-Dollar paid" if anyone can sell me one !!

The "icing on the cake" yesterday was the sound of the Gardner engine in full-voice as Adam drove us up the Bath Road to drop us off !

Thanks Everyone :) :) :)

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Re: Wythall Bristol Event

Post by TimBrown » 18:57 Monday 22nd April 2019

These photographs of Bristol vehicles taken at on Sunday 21 April 2019.
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 002.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 004.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 018.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 032.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 037.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 039.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 040.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 052.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 057.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 059.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 064.JPG
21 April 2019 Transport Museum, Wythall 065.JPG
The following pictures taken on Monday 22 April 2019.
22 April 2019 Wythall 015.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 021.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 024.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 030.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 035.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 037.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 042.JPG
22 April 2019 Wythall 045.JPG

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