Bus construction - good and bad.

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Bus construction - good and bad.

Post by TimBrown » 14:22 Wednesday 15th May 2019

I had a trip over to Kidderminster Hospital for some treatment on Monday 13 May 2019.

The Diamond bus from New Inn on the 303 was an ex Wessex Scania which rode well and delivered its power smoothly and seemed effortless. It had a few rattles but not too bad.

I then caught the R & B 291 up to the hospital and their 13 reg Solo didn't rattle, plus it had suspension which absorbed most of the bumps - quite a refined vehicle. I have found the Optare Versa to be a refined bus when travelling on them in the past. The almost new IGO Metrocity working the 145 on the other hand was a disappointment some months ago, it seemed to rattle and it had much harsher suspension than the Versa, but nowhere near as bad as the harsh suspension, jerking Wrightbus Streetlite offerings.

Another disappointing ride was the recently purchased Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 of Johnsons which were working the 150/350 for a time - these rattled and thumped from brand new over our rough roads, very crude compared with their older Scanias which are smooth and a pleasure to ride in however.

I am always amazed at the noisy suspension (rattling dampers?) on Firstbus Mercedes Citaros and the 'Salt Road' Volvos (and Enviro 300s) which sound as though the bottom is going to fall out on entering Crowngate Bus station. I don't hear this racket from other heavy vehicles such as HGVs, so why are buses so bad? You wouldn't tolerate a car with such obvious faults; does the "it's only a bus, what do you expect!" attitude still prevail in parts of the industry? interested to hear other enthusiasts views.

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Re: Bus construction - good and bad.

Post by DD12 » 20:41 Wednesday 15th May 2019

http://www.route-one.net/articles/compl ... n_issues/c

Good timing is this article in today's Route One !!

My guess is that the problems of shock transmission, noise and rattles in low-floor buses, is due to the low-floors and the need for the suspension to be compact and not intrude into the interior too much, especially at the front.
Design priorities may result in those problems, and, are the best designs copyright protected and expensive ?

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