Steam through Bredicot 1 July 2021.

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Steam through Bredicot 1 July 2021.

Post by TimBrown » 19:39 Thursday 1st July 2021

Quite a good day at Bredicot with the Saphos Charter from Bangor (North Wales) to Bristol Temple Meads with Class 40 D213 'Andania' working the southbound leg and LMS 46100 'Royal Scot' and 45231 'Sherwood Forester' doing the honours from Bristol Temple Meads to Crewe. D213 ran light engine ahead of the charter and acted as emergency banker by laying over at Bromsgrove. In the event the steam duo powered through Bredicot with 46100 'Royal Scot' raising the roof with very loud blast of three-cylinder exhaust after taking water in Spetchley Loop and didn't need a banker with a 4 minute climb of the Lickey Incline.
01 July 2021 Bredicot 003.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 004.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 005.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 011.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 012.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 013.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 014.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 015.JPG
In the morning, 170114 was photographed in the mist working Nottingham to Cardiff and HST 43208 leading the Edinburgh to Plymouth services.
01 July 2021 Bredicot 001.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 002.JPG
Then in the afternoon, HST with 43285 leading is seen working Plymouth to Edinburgh service, 66134 hauling an empty tank train from Westerleigh to Humber Oil Refinery, HST with 43303 leading working Bristol to Edinburgh and finally 66623 is working an infrastructure empty train from Radlett Redland Roadstone to East Usk Yard.
01 July 2021 Bredicot 006.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 007.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 008.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 009.JPG
01 July 2021 Bredicot 010.JPG

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Re: Steam through Bredicot 1 July 2021.

Post by MattW » 16:15 Tuesday 6th July 2021

Fantastic photos. I actually have some action down here worth photographing this week - fortunately as I'm off work I have time to see it.

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