New 196101 visits Worcester 17 May 2021

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New 196101 visits Worcester 17 May 2021

Post by TimBrown » 15:43 Monday 17th May 2021

196101 visited Worcester Shrub Hill today 17 May 2021 for trials and driver familiarisation.
Frontal treatment, not exactly good looking though it is difficult fitting the corridor connections and achieving a clean design. The driver must feel very enclosed in the cab with no view to the left or right, just straight ahead. The seats are supposedly designed to be more comfortable than on the GWR IETs, but I will reserve judgement until the units finally go into squadron service on the 'Dark Side' and Hereford to Birmingham services.
17 May 2021 Worcester 001.JPG
17 May 2021 Worcester 004.JPG
17 May 2021 Worcester 005.JPG
17 May 2021 Worcester 006.JPG
17 May 2021 Worcester 010.JPG
17 May 2021 Worcester 014.JPG

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