Class 20 Chopper Topper Charter

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Class 20 Chopper Topper Charter

Post by TimBrown » 13:33 Saturday 2nd July 2022

Managed to take these shots at a misty wet Bredicot early this morning, 2 July 2022, of the Pathfinder Chopper Topper charter train operating from Burton-on-Trent to Gloucester before returning North to Shrewsbury. It will then make its way over to Stafford, traverse a number of freight lines and eventually run South through Kidderminster and Worcester before making another trip up the Lickey from Gloucester back to Burton-on-Trent late this evening! Note that there are FOUR of the 60+ year old Class 20 heritage locomotives in use, two at the front and two at the rear in 'top and tail mode.
02 July 2022 Bredicot 114.JPG
02 July 2022 Bredicot 115.JPG
02 July 2022 Bredicot 116.JPG
02 July 2022 Bredicot 117.JPG

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Re: Class 20 Chopper Topper Charter

Post by MattW » 19:53 Saturday 2nd July 2022

Class ;) ;) ;)

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