RIAT 2017

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Re: RIAT 2017

Post by TimBrown » 06:12 Tuesday 18th July 2017

MattW wrote:
17:54 Monday 17th July 2017
I haven't even confronted my computer with my memory card yet - but what an absoutely wonderful day :-)
Thank you very much Matt and Adam for sharing the excellent photos of aircraft on display and flying at the RIAT, Fairford last Sunday, it is very much a sight and sound experience with blend of ancient and modern flying machines. It is not easy to photograph aircraft at speed, either on the ground or especially in the air, so well done!
I expect many members of this website, like me, are 'green with envy'! LOL.

Look forward to the next batch of photos - more please!

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Re: RIAT 2017

Post by MattW » 20:37 Tuesday 18th July 2017

AdamH wrote:
18:42 Sunday 16th July 2017
Well that is my first ever air show over and done with, and I must say it was absolutely fantastic. A huge big THANK YOU to MattW for suggesting it and taking me. The weather held right to the end be we did get a short shower timed perfectly with the end of the Red Arrow display.

We are now sat in the car park, pissing with rain, in the world's biggest traffic jam. If I ever get home I have over 1,000 photos to sort through!
No problem at all mate, great to have your company :)

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