Bits 'n Bobs

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Bits 'n Bobs

Post by DD12 » 19:01 Friday 25th May 2018

DD - V302EAK has been re-registered RJZ4783.

A broken-down Scania DD was being towed-up the Bath Road circa 18.00 today - - by an agricultural tractor !! ( - something I've never seen before on a public road !) - - perhaps it was going to Hay !?

The driver of the DD was "half-way out" of the cab window, steering and watching the road ahead - - good job the rain had eased-off !

It would have made a great photo ! :twisted:

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Re: Bits 'n Bobs

Post by ANDREW » 23:08 Saturday 26th May 2018

W5ENG on rail replacement duties at Shrub Hill this morning. :)

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