Coach fire

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Re: Coach fire

Post by Rich82 » 20:41 Friday 9th March 2018

MattW wrote:
19:09 Friday 9th March 2018
I don't know about the causes, but the NX advice I used to get was that after evacuating passengers, fight the fire 'if safe to do so'. It never is, and never will be, safe to do so. Get away and let it burn.
Totally agree Matt it can be replaced unlike humans

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Re: Coach fire

Post by AdamH » 22:22 Friday 9th March 2018

Advice from First is get yourself and everyone else out, and only fight the fire if you need to aid your escape.

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Re: Coach fire

Post by Jamie1983 » 17:10 Tuesday 17th April 2018

They also had one heading north on the m5 several years ago too . That was an ex Dunn line vehicle

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Re: Coach fire

Post by MattW » 18:02 Friday 22nd June 2018

Think I saw this today heading north on tow on the M1, I guess it's finally heading to that great graveyard of buses also known as Barnsley :lol:

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