Diamond in and around Bromsgrove.

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Re: Diamond in and around Bromsgrove.

Post by SEVERNLINK » 13:57 Friday 12th January 2018

ANDREW wrote:
14:39 Wednesday 1st November 2017
The interesting combination of a silver liveried Diamond bus with Hanson fleet names on the side doing a 43 from Bromsgrove to Redditch today certainly caused some bewilderment earlier . . . . ;) And with Midland Red buses turning green . . . . . . . . :roll: :D :D
And a Hanson liveried bus with Diamond fleet names seen on the 43 today.Seen a few on the 318 but first time I've seen anything other than a 'blue diamond' on the 43.

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Re: Diamond in and around Bromsgrove.

Post by TimBrown » 17:34 Thursday 22nd March 2018

ANDREW wrote:
12:16 Wednesday 2nd August 2017
M333SLT on the 202 yesterday morning and I travelled VX54MOU and there was a rather noticeable "clunk" every time a higher gear was engaged. :oops:
Took this shot of Diamond 30534 M333 SLT at Bromsgrove bus station this afternoon. I travelled on it from Redditch and surprised that it ran very well, good on hills and relatively smooth transmission with acceptable ride. Much nicer than the Plaxton bodied MAN's of Diamond.
22 March 2018 Bromsgrove 118.jpg

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