Johnson sold to Diamond

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Re: Johnson sold to Diamond

Post by Reddibus » 19:55 Monday 25th July 2022

The final piece of the jigsaw is the Monday to Saturday X20 from Stratford to Solihull will also move to Stagecoach like the Sunday service will from this weekend. This is first time Stagecoach Midland Red will have had a regular service in Solihull (other than Schools) - Both Midland Red West and North having previously run local services in Solihull

The remainder of the X20 Diamond currently run from Solihull to Coventry a TfWM contract is currently out for retender with the new contract starting at the end of August.

Today Diamond had rather a lot of former Johnson's vehicles parked up at Redditch with no work for them !!!

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Re: Johnson sold to Diamond

Post by AdamH » 21:27 Monday 25th July 2022

Ex-Johnsons and Diamond service being operated by Stagecoach Midlands today.

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