Large Private Hire

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Large Private Hire

Post by AdamH » 20:21 Friday 25th May 2018

Arrived in Hay this morning to find the entire Yeomans fleet had decided to up-sticks and move to Wales for the day. It was pissing down with rain so I didn't bother with photos, but I did take this with my phone to give an idea. More were parked out of shot.

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Re: Large Private Hire

Post by ANDREW » 23:11 Saturday 26th May 2018

Sort of a private hire saw FJ08KNZ,YR52VEO,YP52CTV and YCT187 on rail replacement work at Shrub Hill this morning. ;)

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Re: Large Private Hire

Post by lrew120585 » 09:15 Sunday 27th May 2018

First two days of the Hay festival are usually the busiest two days of the year for private hires as this is schools visiting days. Most of the "Private Hire" fleet will usually venture to Hay

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Re: Large Private Hire

Post by MattW » 19:26 Sunday 27th May 2018

Saw a few in Worcester Saturday morning when I went to get some tyres on the car. Good to see the company getting these contracts and hopefully doing well.

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