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Information on Service Numbers Required

Posted: 16:03 Friday 6th August 2021
by Humanoid
Looking for service number information on the following routes around 1983-1985, (before the bread vans appeared):

Coalville - Peggs Green - Griffydam - Belton
Coalville - Peggs Green - Griffydam - Worthington
Coalville - Peggs Green - Coleorton (there may have been a mixture of the previous two)
Coalville - Bagworth - Stanton-under-Bardon
Coalville - Ellistown - Ibstock - Market Bosworth

There was a Sunday service version of the 625 (Leicester - Loughborough- Shepshed - Coalville) that would progress from Shepshed - Belton - Osgathorpe - Coleorton - Sinope - Coalville, rather than go through Thingstone and Whitwick.

Any NCB routes to South Leicester, Bagworth, Snibston, Whitwick pits from 1980 to 1985 (service numbers started with a W)

The free Coalville bingo bus that would go Broomleys rd, Meadow Ln, Hall Lane and terminate on Jackson St. (service number started with a B)