Information on Service Numbers Required

Bus and Coach operations, new or changed services and timetables for Arriva Midlands or its predecessors, Arriva Fox County Limited, Midland Fox Limited, or Midland Red East Limited.
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Information on Service Numbers Required

Post by Humanoid » 16:03 Friday 6th August 2021

Looking for service number information on the following routes around 1983-1985, (before the bread vans appeared):

Coalville - Peggs Green - Griffydam - Belton
Coalville - Peggs Green - Griffydam - Worthington
Coalville - Peggs Green - Coleorton (there may have been a mixture of the previous two)
Coalville - Bagworth - Stanton-under-Bardon
Coalville - Ellistown - Ibstock - Market Bosworth

There was a Sunday service version of the 625 (Leicester - Loughborough- Shepshed - Coalville) that would progress from Shepshed - Belton - Osgathorpe - Coleorton - Sinope - Coalville, rather than go through Thingstone and Whitwick.

Any NCB routes to South Leicester, Bagworth, Snibston, Whitwick pits from 1980 to 1985 (service numbers started with a W)

The free Coalville bingo bus that would go Broomleys rd, Meadow Ln, Hall Lane and terminate on Jackson St. (service number started with a B)

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