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Arriva faces being broken up.

Posted: 12:15 Monday 24th May 2021
by TimBrown
This article titled 'Transport giant Arriva faces being broken up' featured in the Business section of The Sunday Telegraph on 23 May 2021. I had to split it as the page was too long to fit my scanner.
Arriva sell-off 001.jpg
Arriva sell-off. 001 (2).jpg

Re: Arriva faces being broken up.

Posted: 11:50 Tuesday 25th May 2021
by Ridercross
Interesting, so it looks like the UK arm will all be sold off as one or floated as one business.

There won't be a splitting up of individual companies and sold off in a piecemeal fashion which may have appealed to some of the smaller groups. Presumably the sales and closures so far such as Cannock were purely to offload underperforming parts leaving a more profitable group which would be more attractive to investors.