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Posted: 18:01 Wednesday 27th January 2021
by Wilf Baird
Back in the 60s and 70s I was a part time driver at SS and SA depots. A workmate at my regular job told me he had a mate who had just acquired a Midland Fox double deck bus. After a few conversations I volunteered to take it to storage, which was a quarry close to Lutterworth. On the next Saturday we met at Southgate Street garage to take it away. The new owner had his small daughter with him who insisted on riding on the bus. The front doors would not close and it was stuck in top gear. So what have we got so far. A ten year old girl riding alone on a bus with dodgy doors driven by stranger with a beard and long hair. How times change.
Anyway the new owner said I could drive on his insurance,{Ive heard that before} but I bet it was not taxed as it had been out of service for a while. Well then off we went following the new owners car. It was bit sluggish moving off in top gear but we made it safely. It had a repaint into allover red sometime after and he got the gearbox sorted. I saw it at a few Abbey Pumping Station running days, and one year it turned up in W M livery. I have some pics of the day and if I discover how to get the laptop and scanner to enable it I will send them. But dont hold your breath. To clarify it is 6225 I have written about. Best Regards, Wilf Baird.

Re: 6225

Posted: 14:50 Tuesday 2nd February 2021
by DD12
Thanks for the interesting post Wilf !!