Stratford Blue 15675 at Redditch 8 February 2018

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Re: Stratford Blue 15675 at Redditch 8 February 2018

Post by DD12 » 17:13 Sunday 11th February 2018

That's a brilliant "black+white" photo sockin, thanks !

Apart from the modern bus, and a few minor details, that could easily be the 1950's !!
On this forum, someone once posted a photo of an articulated single-decker in this location, so all I need now is a genuine black+white DD photo here ! -

but as Tim has indicated, that could be a tall order !
(At least one photo has survived of very early open-top double decker on a Worcester- Pershore service - possibly to Evesham).

It may be possible that an "independent" like Warners of Tewkesbury, or Astons of Kempsey might have run one in Pershore for schools, although it may be that Astons didn't have any DDs until the 1970s.

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