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Electric buses and rare metals shortage.

Posted: 14:33 Tuesday 10th September 2019
by TimBrown
Arriva are trialling an electric bus so this snippet from yesterday's Daily Telegraph Business section about car battery production and finite supplies of rare metals is relevant; if car manufacturers are about to fight over these commodities then it will create shortages and demand will push prices sky high no doubt affecting the potential for stage carriage electric vehicles.

I have always been a bit sceptical about the long term prospects of battery operated road vehicles and often wonder why some of the larger cities haven't gone back to the future and introduced trolleybuses? In any case the whole move to any form of electric propulsion requires more generating capacity and much higher levels of investment in green energy especially hydro-electric in my view. Your views appreciated!
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Re: Electric buses and rare metals shortage.

Posted: 13:18 Monday 21st October 2019
by TimBrown
Here is a possible breakthrough, a revolutionary aluminium-air battery invented by a Cornish Naval Engineer. The attached link is worth a read; interested to hear your comments! ... is-garage/