Bus and Coach operations, new or changed services and timetables for First Midland Red Buses Limited or its predecessor, Midland Red West Limited.
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Post by DD12 » 19:04 Saturday 13th July 2019

I think I am seeing (using the tracking system) more DDs on the 144A recently, and for
more of the day.
I've got no facts to support that, but does anyone know if passenger numbers have increased to make them needed ??

(I know that a few years ago I was seeing long queues waiting to board the Northbound 144 / A at Crowngate during the daytime off-peak, but I haven't been there so much lately).

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Re: 144A

Post by AdamH » 20:04 Saturday 13th July 2019

I was at the Chateau Impney and saw a Trident go past.

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Re: 144A

Post by ANDREW » 15:08 Wednesday 7th August 2019

Just seen 33402 [ and X50 branded 66693] in Bromsgrove on the 144a. :?

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